Albir Garden Resort & Sport offers all the facilities for athletes. Our complete facilities allow the practice of all modalities and disciplines.
Inside our Resort there is the jump and triple jump area, besides the space required for the development of the four throws:
Hammer, discus, javelin and shot Put.
But that is not all, as only 5 minutes is our “Jewel in the crown”, the Athletics Stadium, inagurated in June 2010.
As you can see, it is the ideal center for the perfect training that takes you to achieve the optimum performance for competitions.
great athletes were delighted with our center, as the indubitable quality of sport facilities joins our complementary services.
  • Menu for athletes
  • Personal training
  • Spa
  • Physiotherapy room
  • Meeting room with DVD, ect
  • Products for athletes

We also must remark one of our main advantages, the climate and surroundings that accompany us throughout the whole year, which stimulates the athletes to a higher predisposition when facing the hard times of training.

At last we will mention the advantage of counting on the natural grass footbal fields, enabled for athletes to enjoy a more comfortable run, on an area of 160 x 80 mts.


I the atheltes wishes to achieve his goal, the first step towards success is Albir Garden Resort & Sports.


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