Our center is on the focal point of one of the best training areas at national and international level.

Numerous cyclists see in our area the perfect place to train the great number of kilometres accumulated in their legs, giving strenght to each stride

We count on a unique accessibility, that allows different routes to tour, with the advantage of choosing coast or mountain, different destinies to accomplish one of the fundamental principles of training: variability.

Besides, our landscapes, that accompany every cyclist by the hand, help as a positive value into one of the psychilogical capital factors when facing long training hours: motivation

One more quality point of our Resort is given by the complementary services adapted to athletes:

  • Menú for athletes.
  • Spa.
  • Meeting room with dvd, etc.
  • Products for athletes.

Reaching the threshold  of your capacities and exploit your performance to the limit depends on you: Come to Albir Garden Resort & Sport.