Tennis Courts

6 hard courts and 4 clay courts
for a professional training

Albir Garden Sports has wonderful facilities to play tennis and train on different surfaces. We have 6 hard courts and 4 clay courts, high quality surfaces that are selected year after year by a lot of tennis players, clubs and federations for their different training camp stages.

Our sports facilities are located in a quiet environment between sea and mountains with a wonderful and privileged climate which allows you to train practically the whole year round. You may find all the necessary material for a first level training: cones, ball baskets, changing rooms, qualified coaches, supplementary tennis rackets, etc. In addition, we put at your disposal a series of complementary services such as sportswear laundry service, transfer to the airport/training facilities, cafeteria, water for the training sessions or the organization of friendly matches with other international or national players.

At Albir Garden Sports you can complement your training also outside the courts with sessions in our gym or our athletics stadium, as well as with a well-deserved recovery session after a hard day in our wellness area. All meticulously thought and designed for a first level training and with the greatest comfort.