Massage and physiotherapy service for athletes

The best way to recover
after a hard day of exercise

At Albir Garden Sports Resort we are specialized in giving the best and greatest support to the athlete. For this reason, in addition to our complete facilities and services, we offer our clients the option of ending or beginning their training sessions with a complete massage or physiotherapy service.

Consult our massage menu and physiotherapy services with our team of professionals. They will advise you and indicate the prices of each service, which varies according to type and length. Our masseurs and physios adapt to your schedules, being able to book an appointment with them throughout the day/week.

If your team already has a masseur or physio, you can also make use of our recovery facilities. You just have to request it and we will indicate the availability of our massage space. If your idea is to carry out a professional training stage, don’t leave any loose ends. At Albir Garden Resort we are experts in serving the athlete and our experience allows us to offer an infinite number of solutions for any type of need and situation. We also provide private spaces to your medical/physio staff and massage stretchers under request and availability. Call us and our team of experts will inform you about all the possibilities.