Transfer service from/to the airport

You only need to worry about giving your best
at the training grounds

At Albir Garden Sports we have thought about all the needs that athletes may have during their stay with us. Therefore, in addition to our sports facilities and services, we offer our clients transfer services to/from the airport or any other location or facility, doesn’t matter if for training purposes, extra team-building activities or leisure time plans.

Whenever you make your reservation do not hesitate to let us know if will require any transfer service. Our staff will take care of all the arrangements for you or your team to be picked up upon arrival at the airport. The transfer service is available both for one person and for an entire club. If you have any questions or needs, feel free to call us and we will take care of finding the best possible solution.

If during your stay with us you also want to be transferred to another destination, to one of the sports facilities or back to the airport, you only have to request it. Our transfer service is at your entire disposal to address any need that may arise. We also arrange transfer services for the transport of any extra cargo or luggage you may need. If the team or any athlete brings its own material, we will arrange the best transfer options for you to have it available wherever needed. You only have to worry about training and working hard, we take care of everything else.