Your ideal resort
to play basketball

Albir Garden Sports is a resort specially designed for first-class sports training. Our complete sports facilities have an unbeatable sports hall for practicing all kinds of indoor sports, such as basketball. We have all the necessary material, accessories and services to organize a professional training camp for your basketball club or federation.

We have everything your club or team needs to train in the best conditions. Sports hall, training material, gym, wellness area, large and modern rooms, restaurants and dozens of complementary services for the practice of basketball.

Basketball Facilities

  • Sports Hall
  • Gym
  • Track and field Stadium
  • Training material and equipment
  • Wellness/recovery area

Additional Services

  • Sportswear laundry service
  • Events and match organization
  • Official referees
  • Water for training sessions
  • Meeting room
  • Massage, physio and sports medicine service
  • Airport transfer


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