A sports hotel with 5 golf courses
less than 10 minutes away

Albir Garden Sports is a complete sports resort specially designed for professional and semi-professional sport clubs and federations. Our complete facilities are selected year after year by hundreds of athletes who want to enjoy a few days of relaxation while practicing their favorite sport. That is the case of our golfers who, just 10 minutes from our hotel, have up to 5 golf courses for their delight and enjoyment.

Our golfers have up to 5 golf courses within 10 minutes of our hotel for their enjoyment.

Golf facilities

  • 1 driving range
  • 2 9-hole courses
  • 2 18-hole courses
  • Sport and golf equipment

Additional Services

  • Sportswear laundry service
  • Organization of events and tournaments
  • Transfer to the courts
  • Meeting room
  • Water for the training sessions
  • Massage, physio and sports medicine
  • Airport transfer


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